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  • The success of this event lead to its 2nd edition, The Music & Poetry Shed , which was even a greater hit! WE featured some of the best poets of Hindi and Urdu like Abhishek Choudhary, Ramneek Singh, Hussain Haidry, Mohammed Sadriwala Rakesh Tiwari along with our special guest poet Mr. Atul Agarwal.

    Our 'A Zara Hatke’ series, ‘Chat over Nothing, Anything is Something’ would not have been complete without a karaoke event. Mr. Gaurav Chopra a renowned singer brought light to our event with his amazing voice.

  • Confluence 2017 was a perfect amalgamation of the vivid yet magnificent Indian cultures. The essence of the event was Duality – defining the difference in the world then and now. At one sight where you had a team performing on Marathi Powada, at other glance of the eye you had people trying their hand at Karaoke and Poetry. To add to this, PhotoKhicho - a workshop on how to do photography on DSLR and mobile phones was also held. Leena Prabhoo, author of “My Path to Prajna”, shared her views on her book. “Bringing People Together” was the tag line of the event and we surely justified that. The event reignited the Indianness in everyone present and was nothing short of success!

    Kalanjali 2017 was all about paying a tribute to the artists and their artforms. Several artists showcased their work of art on weekends and held workshops to help people learn. People got to engage in various artforms, to polish their skills from experienced artists. All in all, Kalanjali ended on a happy note, helping people and artists to connect. Special thanks to Rmall, Mulund for their co-operation.