Integrated Marketing


Integrated Marketing – Communications To A Successful Business

Have a business? Want to serve the target consumers? Want to maintain consumer loyalty? Need to increase the visibility of your brand? - Integrated Marketing is the solution which acts as the communicative bridge between the business promoters and their consumers. It serves the consumers by the most efficient mediums and facilitates an exclusive experience.

As the title “ Integrated Marketing” speaks for itself , it integrates all the marketing communication mediums under one core term. Some of the communication solutions under integrated marketing include advertising, sales promotion, public relations, direct marketing and also social media.

Companies Nowadays, adopt integrated marketing as the prime mode of communication to their stakeholders through appropriate mediums. When all the mediums are bound together it creates a greater impact on the potential consumer rather than exploited individually. Mass marketing in an era like the present cannot be considered as it reduces the effect of the business on its consumers. Thus, integrated marketing gets along mass marketing, one-to-one marketing and direct marketing under one shed.

Considering an example from India's biggest instant Noodles brand, “Maggi”. The brand faced a huge allegation in the past years regarding its quality and it caused a loss to brand of its loyal consumers.

The brand needed to revive its position badly and rise above all to win back the loyalty of its consumers all over again. They adopted integrated solutions to relate to their consumers in the best possible way. They ran a campaign, where they asked their consumers to share their version of Maggi which will be then showcased nationally on television . They promoted this campaign through all mediums simultaneously which is considered to be Integrated Marketing that led to the uprising of the brand again after a great fall.

The world at whole is advancing technologically and multi channel marketing has now become need of the hour. The services or products should be accessible to the consumers wherever possible and through any medium.

Even already successful and billion dollar companies can undertake Integrated marketing as they can promote their high end products among their regular product/service buying loyal consumers.

The integrated marketing process can be tailored according the customers to be targeted.

Omni-channel marketing is not considered to be effective in present days, multi channel marketing increases the proximity of the business reaching its target audience through the best medium.

Integrated Marketing proves to be a great advantage to small as well as successful businesses and aims at reaching appropriate masses leading to the profitability of the business.

Agencies like Zoom Media providing integrated marketing solutions act as functional body for all the marketing purposes and add greater value to the revenue of their clients. All the elements within integrated marketing contribute variably to connect the businesses to their consumers.